Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family and the Fourth

The Fourth of July found us headed down to Fresno for some real celebrating. Since fireworks are still legal there, we wanted Kaleb to experience a true 4th complete with fireworks, family and just plain ol' fun!

Kaleb was most excited to see his Mema Trice and Papa Blaine. Their house is always an adventure complete with neighboring farm animals, fun quads to ride, and plenty of fans to keep a little boy happy.

Kaleb and Stefan getting ready to ride

The family was set to gather at Mema Trice and Papa Blaines, for hot dogs, ice cream and fireworks. It is always a treat for Stef and myself to spend time with our family. Kaleb was happy to have his cousin Braden to run around with. The two were going crazy just about all day.
Kaleb and Braden at a slow moment
Stefan enjoyed catching up with his Mema and Pepa and Uncle Mike. He is always happy when he is able to spend time with his family. We only wished we lived closer so that the trip was a little easier.

At nightfall, our firework show began... Everyone brought some sort of giant firework, and we put on our own display. The fireworks were like a natural drug for Kaleb because he couldn't stop running around and laughing like a lunatic the entire time! (Uncle Mike has some video footage of our display and I will try to obtain it as soon as possible!) After our display was done a local display was right in sight for a professional finale. It was a wonderful day!

Saturday Stef, Mema Trice, Papa Blaine, Kaleb and I decided to head up to the Sequoia National Park for check out some truly giant trees. Except for car sickness, the trip was awesome! Those trees are truly amazing! Kaleb loved that he could climb and crawl in them, and even saw his first wild chipmunk!

Kaleb sitting in a root system

Kaleb and Papa Blaine in a tree

Our Family Tree

Thank you all so much for making our Fourth of July something special! We love you!

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erineprosser said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. I love that Family Tree picture, very cool