Thursday, July 30, 2009

July in Review

So July has flown by with much fun and monkey business along with a scare...

Let us begin with the 4th of July... This year we wanted to see a really BIG fireworks show, so I scored us some tickets to a Giants Game through a friend, and along with our favorite uncle Alan, we were off to the ballpark!

It was Kaleb's first night game, and he was like an ol pro at the game. He was the official nut cracker for Uncle Alan and Daddy. Kaleb has great spirit and loved shouting when the Giants scored, much to the chagrin of the people around us. (I currently have daddy working with the lil one to teach him to yell more like a man, and not like a squeak toy.) The game was great and thankfully the Giants won, which now proves to Stefan that I am not the jinx he once claimed I was! HAA!

Fireworks started at about 10, and they were spectacular! It was a great night.

Kaleb shellin nuts

Daddy and Kaleb

It seems like we haven't stopped for one moment this whole month. We had really hoped to go on a big camping trip, but I some things just haven't worked themselves out, so we have been making keeping busy enjoying our Big man! Our summer has consisted of seeing as many blockbusters as we can... So far we have racked up Transformers 2(Kaleb said he like the first one better), Harry Potter, Ice Age and Up. Kaleb loves goin to the theatre, and honestly I do too! It was always one of my favorite things when I was little, and I am so glad that I am able to do the same for my guy. We are anxiously awaiting Where the Wild Things Are, and Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.

Kaleb has been hounding us to go to 6 Flags for about 2 months now, so a couple weekends ago, Stef said "let's do it!" We got there at about 10:30am and the fun began! We started with the swings as those are one of Kalebs favorite rides, then we hung around the kids area for a bit. We decided to try the baby coaster in the kids area (which Kaleb has always been afraid of.) and within two seconds of being on it, he was negotiating with the man to let him ride for 5 times!! He is now a thrill seeker! After that coaster, he wanted something more... He really wanted to go on the BIG coaster, but thankfully he is still too small, so we made our way to the new Tony Hawk ride which is a coaster that goes fast and spins as it goes around the coaster track. The few glimpses I caught of K, I was sure he was freakin out, and I started second guessing my mothering for allowing him to come on such a ride. However, as we rolled into the station, he looked and me and said, "I was to go again!" We can't wait for him to grow a couple more inches to go on more rides next year!
Kaleb desperately wanted to see all the animals shows he could, so we started with the safe dolphin show early in the day. Then we caught Odin the Tiger, the butterflies, and last but not least, we saw Shouka the Killer Whale... Now, mommy was determined to get wet, so we were one of the firsts in the stadium and got a prime seat 3 rows in... I explained to Kaleb that the whale will come out and get us wet, which he was ok with... Well, they saved soaking us for last, and just when Kaleb had given up that we would get wet, Shouka came and gave us a great wave... Kaleb was angry to say the least for the first 5 seconds as he eyes and mouth were open and he wasn't quite expecting as much "wet" as we got. Stupidly I was wearing a white shirt... It was a great way to end the night, and at 8:30 we left the park with some more great memories!


Our ride in Thomas the Train

Odin the Tiger

Post whale splash

Summer wouldn't be complete without a stop at the beach. Thankfully a friend was having his birthday at Bolinas, which gave us the excuse to finally go. Oysters and picnic in hand, the call of the waves was too strong for Kaleb. After a quick bite at our beach site, Kaleb spent the remaining 4 hours chasing the waves and eyeing a man's skimboard like a prize... Swimming lessons are definately a high priority now.

Playin with the dogs

the board...

Goin too far for moms liking

Mom its cold

So now for the thing that had put a scare in all of us here up north. Mid-month, dad came home from a trip to Costco and immediately called Kaiser. Strange since dad hates doctors. It seems that dad has been losing his breath, a lot, and something made him finally call. (thank God.) After some tests, we found that dad needed a valve replaced immediately. So this past Monday, dad went in for open heart surgery and in now part pig. The doctors were amazed at how bad his valve was, and actually had to do the procedure backwards it was so bad. Dad is still in the hospital fighting like a maniac to come home. He was walking the night of the operation, and is determined to get back to his life within a week or two, regardless of what everyone is telling him. When I mentioned that a friends father, that had the same operations last year took up to a year to feel fully better, he just huffed and said, "that's not me. I am not going to let this stop my life." He is a stubborn, stubborn man. Thankfully it is that stubborness that will pull him through his recovery.
I've seen many people in hospitals and have had many friends/relatives have big operations, but nothing has scared me like having this happen to my dad. My dad has always been one person I can talk to about anything, and count on when needed. I sometimes forget he is human too. I can't wait for him to be back in form to yell about stupid liberals, and I am even itchin for a GE story!
The biggest relief has been having my brother David to help get dad to and from the hospital. He is always a rock, and while I wish we were closer, I will always be thankful for having him to depend on when necessary.

So, as it is late, I will end with sending my love to our family out there and some miscellaneous photos.

Kaleb sendin love to Papa Blaine

gnoshin a burger

Our first Golf Outting

Kaleb's first pony ride.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our lil artist

So the year has been flying by and Kaleb is doing phenomenally! He is reading most simple words and even starting to figure out a few on his own! He has been making us more and more proud with each passing day!

So with the end of the school year fast approaching, we were informed that of Kaleb's little after school program, some of their artwork had been chosen to hand in the City Hall, and the "artists" who were chosen would be getting a little award from the mayor!

So we started out that our Yaya and Pops would come with us to help celebrate Kalebs award, but soon we were happily joined by Uncle Ken and Jake. First was a trip to Taylors for a special dinner for our boy.

Two silly boys

Two cute boys

Taylors is always a treat, but it was so much nicer to have Cousin Jake and Uncle Ken there to help us along. I could tell how happy and excited he was to show off for his uncle and cousin. Kaleb loves his Uncle Ken and thinks he is silly, and as for his cousin Jake, I believe Kaleb thinks he is just the bestest guy in the world. If he had his way I think he would see him just about every day if he could. It is amazing to see these two together.

Next up was City Hall.. A local framing company framed all the kids artwork that was proudly displayed. Kaleb showed off his finger painting talents for this exhibit:
Kaleb and daddy below his picture.

Cousin Love

With so many people inside City Hall, it was pretty hot, so we ventured outside until the ceremony began. Below is a photo of Yaya and her boys...

Action shot

With all the excitment of having so much attention, once it came time for the awards, Kaleb got a bit of cold feet, and wanted Daddy to bring him up to the Mayor.

Kaleb later told his teacher that he didn't want to talk to the mayor today, and that he would only talk to her on Friday. I think we may have a future politico on our hands... :)

I just want to thank Ken, and Jake for helping to share this day with us. You do not understand how much that meant. Not only Kaleb, but to me. Thank you all so much!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pebble Beach

So this past weekend Stefan was presented with the opportunity to attend the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival to represent Bounty Hunter. Naturally I tagged along.

After stowing Kaleb away at Yaya and Papa's Stef and I made our journey to the beauty known as Carmel. To be honest, I have never been to Carmel, and I now know where I would like to retire. It is the most beautiful town I have ever been in!

The beaches are clean with fine white sand and the water is the most brilliant blue I have ever seen. We arrived in town early on Saturday and awaited our contacts to get into the event.

Since the event was held at Pebble Beach Golf Club, Stefan and I were oooohing and aahhhing as we passed some of the most famous holes in golf as we made an oath to one day afford to play there.

Once at the ginormous tent that was the Food and Wine Festival, I was left to my devices while Stefan worked. :)

In the booth next to us was Iron Chef Morimoto! It was amazing to see him work, and while I HATE fish, I had to eat what he had prepared just so that I could brag that I ate something he made. Unfortunately it was fish, and it tasted like fish. Stefan claimed that the fish tasted like butter, which now has me questioning Stefan's taste buds... I am a butter freak, and that was no where near butter... But, at least I ate it!!!

We apologize for the darkness...

Next up, who should wander in front of our booth but Chef Eric Ripert. Since he was standing alone and looking bored, I made Stef take a picture of me with him!
Doesn't he look thrilled to take a picture with me???

So I wandered around a bit and was looking forward to seeing Stefan Richter and Jamie from last season's Top Chef. Stefan was Stef and I's favorite, and I SO wanted to meet him......
To make a long story short, I am a complete idiot. While wandering the tent, who comes along but Stefan and Jamie. Suddently Stefan grabs my arm and says "YOU!" to which I said, "YOU!" He then went on to say "I know you!" to which I answered, "No, I watched you on TV!" He then clued me in to the fact that we actually WORKED together at one point in Yountville. Boy am I dumb. I am still only getting flashes in my mind of him from when we worked together, but sure am glad I made a lasting impression! WOO HOO me!

My other Stefan!

The day was looooong and I deserately wanted to meet Tom Colicchio (?) who was there on injured leg and kinda keeping to himself. So I made friends with his assistant, and in no time.... Voila!

Me and Tom!

Two days of walking around in horrid heals I believe I have broken both my feet, but boy was it worth it! Eating some of the best food and drinking some of the best wine in the world.... Who could ask for anything more?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Times a Flyin'

So things here in the Matulich household seem to be flyin by way too fast lately. So many things seem to be happening it is hard to know where to start.

Kaleb is amazing us everyday, beginning with his love of cooking. He and Daddy like to make homemade pizzas, lemon curd, and all sorts of other goodies. Kaleb is already starting to write his own recipes which are awesome.

What a mess!


That's my dough!

School is going great, and Kaleb has told me that he wants to learn how to golf. Stef and I are giving it a lil time to see if he really means it, plus since he is lefty it is harder to find clubs for him. In the meantime, K and I took a day over Spring Break to hang at Scandia, and do a quick 18. Amazingly when he wasn't cheating, he was quite good!
My lil tiger

Just too cute

Kaleb has also developed a love of Spongebob Squarepants. The best part is when he attempts to sing the opening. His silly evil laugh keeps us smiling all night long.

In grown up news... Stefan got a promotion at work and is now the Sales Director! Kaleb and I are so proud of all his hard work!
To celebrate Stefan's promotion, we decided to take a mommy/daddy day and try to get in 18 holes at Rancho Solano before enjoying a great steak with Kaleb's Uncle Alan. Unfortuantely the Marshall decided not to check on the play on the back 9, and before long we were waiting for about 10 minutes at each hole, so we bailed out on the 12th hole and headed home. After a great dinner, the disappointment of golf was forgotten, and a great time was had by all!

Now we are all patiently awaiting Easter... Sunday cannot come fast enough!
Love to all!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This year is flyin!

So unfortunately I have been unable to "blog" as much as I would like to since Kaleb has become a computer Nazi and will not let anyone else play... I am currently trying to write this while he is perched on my lap as that is the only way I can play on the computer. :)

We have had an extremely busy beginning of the year. Starting with Kaleb losing teeth left and right! He is very non-chalant about it too. While playing with Yaya and Papa one day, he took out a loose tooth and threw it on the ground. When Yaya asked him to show Jake his tooth, he pointed over towards the sofa and said, "I threw it over there." Thankfully mom was able to find the tooth, and the toothfairy completed her mission.
Kaleb being silly after his 3rd tooth came out

Just another cute photo

We were fortunate to get out to the beach in early January (it is still strange to say that) when the weather was too beautiful to pass up. With some friends we headed to a secluded beach Stef and I found during out much maligned camping trip. A quick stop by the Cowgirl Creamery for yummy cheese, bread and meat, and our picnic was complete. Thankfully Kaleb has two friends to play with Megan and Izzy.
Our Family Rock

Trouble always comes in threes

It seems that everywhere around us, we are surrounded by babies. I have 3 friends that recently had a lil one, and then my brother did as well. It has been fun as my friends have been coming to me for advise, and I can't believe how much I remember, and how much works! It feels good to be useful. Below is a photo of my friend Josh's son Declan at a recent get together. This kid is soooo cute, and is the sweetest little boy since Kaleb! ;)

Yes, I did give him celery...

Today was an especially great day for Kaleb, as we met up with Uncle Ken and Jakob for some bowling and good times! A great time was had by all, although I believe I pulled a butt muscle... don't ask.
Kaleb being "cool"

Kaleb throwin one down the lane

Jake's turn!


(I do apologize for the red-eyes as I have not had time to edit the photos due to his highness.)

It has been a strange year as it seems that my family history is repeating itself, which leads me to be sad sometimes when I think too much about it. Thankfully I have two wonderful men to focus on and a great support system of friends to step in when necessary. Family is very important to Stefan and myself and we are greatful for all that we have. I wish everyone could be as happy as we are to have such a great family.
Thank you to all for being there for us, and we hope you all know we are here for you should you need us too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holidays and Lazy Days

So it has been a quick December followed by what seems to be an even quicker January! Kaleb has discovered that vacations from school rock, and believes that as long as there is no school, then he may stay up until 11 or 12!

To catch up, Christmas was wonderful this year! Kaleb was so supremely excited, which just made it all the more awesome. With plenty of Polar Express watched, he was ready to see if Santa would come to his house.
Christmas Eve was our traditional night at Yaya and Papa's house. The boys were in true form, and who knew that the gift of the night would come from Dave and Erin's dog Grifter. It seems that he saved his bones and bought the two Nerf guns. Thanks Grifter!

Of course this was also Kaya's first Christmas, and boy is she the cutest little girl in the whole world! Here is a sweet photo of ladybug and mama, right after I attempted to hold her where she pooped and started crying. Great job auntie Beth!

Next up Christmas morning...
I believe I was the first to wake up. Kaleb exhausted from a long night of Nerf guns at Yaya's, was a bit grouchy at first. Until he noticed the cookies. Where had his gingerbread men gone?? With a little prodding, he noticed that his stocking had stuff in it, and dove in. Joy of all Joys, Santa had brought him him Wall-E and Eve electic toothbrush! Just the thing he would need after eating all the candy that also seemed to be in his "sock."
Next up were presents things started off a bit slow. Sleepiness was still waying heavy on the little one. The gift that brought the Christmas into our little one, what could it be....

Wall-E jammas! Which kicked off his impersonation of the Polar Express Christmas ghost going "ho ho ho!"

Since Mama got a new camera for Christmas, soon after gifts were open, Kaleb was in the mood for pictures.. Here are a couple of my favorites..
Kaleb and his Christmas tree

My boys!

We had a wonderful Christmas Dinner where Kenny, Mom and Dad came over for Prime Rib, and good times! We don't often have company at our house, other than Uncle Alan, so it is always a happy day when people come for a visit. Kaleb especially loves having people over his house, especially his Uncle Kenny who he watched Wall-E with and then they drew some funny pictures together. Kaleb was in absolute heaven.

Next up, New Years...
We were on our way to a simple stay-at-home-be-in-bed-by-10 night, where I decided to call David and Erin, and invite a get together for the night. After all Stef has been dying to play Rock Star, and since Dave has the systems, it was perfect! Soon a plan was hatched and we were soon embarking on Yaya and Papa's once again for some pizza and video games. While I had been hoping to try out the wii as I desperately want one, Dave brought Rock Band for XBox 360, and soon the two were rocking in Dave's band "Fartdog."
Here the twins are rockin it

Kenny and I took turns providing vocals on the songs, and a great night was had by all. Kaya found out that Auntie Beth's dancing makes her laugh, and we all found out that the music world was saved by Kenny never venturing far from the clarinet! :)
Midnight came fast, and Kaleb got to bank pots and pan in the yard and yell, which he thought was cool, and then we were headed back home... A new year has come.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


So we finally did it! We went to Disneyland!! I hadn't been there since 1995, and Stefan's last trip was when he was 8, so it had been awhile for us. Kaleb was super stoked to get there and was hoping to see his favorite character (for the moment) Wall-E. The kid is hooked on everything Wall-e and Eve.

We got to Disneyland on Friday around 11am and began our tour-de-force of all things Disney. Our first official Disney "ride" was the Tarzan treehouse. I think Kaleb could've played all day in that thing, but mom and dad wanted to keep moving, so here are a couple of pics from the tree...

Next up came the Haunted Mansion which was all done up for the Nightmare before Christmas. Very Cool.
From there we ran to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Always a favorite, we were lucky, or not so lucky, to be put in the front row. Kaleb was diggin the Pirates when we hit the first drop. Not bad, a little splashy, but I didn't think much of it. However when we went down the second drop, I knew I had a problem... My left butt cheek was COMPLETELY saturated, ALL the way through. I am pretty sure I have a mild form of hyperthermia on that cheek now as I cannot seem to get it completely warm, but all in all it was worth it!
Next up, the Jungle Cruise... Actually got a pic of me and Kaleb!

After the cruise we honored my brother and munched on some Chieftan Chicken stix and Tiger Tails. Yum.
After our snack we ran for the Big Thunder Train. Now to be honest, Kaleb does not like his rides to be fast and unpredictable. Although I have so far been able to get him to do just about anything if there isn't a line, and I tell him it only goes "medium." I will have to admit, I believe he was a little ticked off at me by the end of the train ride. It definately wasn't Train Town, and while he didn't cry or scream, he told me very sternly, "Mom, that train was NOT medium." Kaleb said no more rides after that one, so we headed to ToonTown to help him forget...

For any parent who has not been to Toon Town, let me warn you. The wait to see Mickey Mouse was the LONGEST wait we had all day... Over an hour! Once you got in his house, you were pretty much stuck, and committed to seeing the damn mouse in his house. You are led to a photo opp...

We finished our first day with a quick Matterhorn ride... it's Medium right? Then left the park and went out for dinner at McCormick and Schmicks (we had a gift certificate courtesy of Danika) and enjoyed a big steak!
Day two...
We started the day with Disneyland. We were determined to go to Tomorrowland to do Buzz's Astroblasters, Space Mountain, Autotopia, and Star Tours... Kaleb loved Star Tours, and couldn't stop laughing long enough to shoot much on Buzz's ride. It was after Buzz's ride that Kalebs entire trip was made... There finally in the store was a Wall-e display! Kaleb squealed and grabed an EVE stuffed toy and a little Wall-e (which he said was for me... he is so nice.) Eve has become an extension of Kaleb, and pretty much goes where he does. Now on to Space Mountain.
Now Kaleb as I have mentioned does not like to go too fast, and when he does, he generally likes to see where he was going, so I was a little worried with this ride. So, to make things easy for us, I told him that it was Wall-E's ride in space when he is chasing Eve and we will see the stars. This seemed to make him very happy and not at all worried with what was about to happen. We got a Fastpass for this ride, so we wouldn't have to wait in the long line. Unfortunately just as we got close, we were told that the ride would be closed down and we could wait or leave as they didn't know for how long. Thankfully about 8 minutes later the ride reopened and we were soon loaded in our spaceship...
Let's just say that at the end of the ride, Kaleb said, "Mom, that ride was REALLY fast, and I don't want to do that one again."
California Adventure:
We went to California Adventure on our second day. We started at Brother's Bears Tree house/thingy where again, Kaleb could've stayed all day. The rope swing being his favorite, I had to pull him off so others could have a turn.

Kaleb and I then ran around on the nets until we were both sweating a stinky. (But is was well worth it!). After a Churro and a soda, we attempted the Bug's Life show, which was cool, but kinda scared Kaleb who really didn't appreciate being spit on. Next up was Soarin over California which we all really dug. Then a little Monsters, Inc.
Suddenly, there it was in a small corner at the very edge of the park, a Wall-E. Kaleb's day was complete.

We were all pretty tired by now, and we headed over the the Pier section of California Adventure. Kaleb argued with a worker to try to let him on the ride that shoots you up, but alas he was too small for that one. I was pretty impressed that he even offered the guy that I would go on with him, but it was still a no. That pretty much put him in a mood, so we watched the Pixar Parade, then went and had a chowder bowl. We really wanted to see some of the nighttime parades at Disneyland, so we ran back over there, but after about 5 minutes, Kaleb was zonked on Stefans head and we decided to make for our hotel. At least we could see the fireworks from our room!
Of course once we got back to our room, the lil bugger was awake, so we decided to go for a soak in the spa and rest our muscles. We sat in the spa, ate some grubbin Tacquitos, and drank some root beer enjoying the night sky. Once back in the room, dry, and in our jammies, the fireworks started, so Kaleb grabbed his light sword, and we cheered the awesome firework display. Which I now believe is how every day should end!
We woke at 3:30 in the morning, and were on the road by 4 in hopes of beating holiday traffic (we did). All in all, it was a great trip, and we are all looking forward to going back soon!