Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cousin Time

Today, Cari and I took the boys to Fuller Park for a little playtime. After a quick swing on the playground, it seemed like our park trip was hopeless as neither of the boys seemed like they wanted to be there. So, we decided it was time to head back to the house. On our walk out of the park we spotted it... a perfect climbin tree!

Kaleb took off like a shot and started trying to get into the tree. Jake, an expert climber helped to show him the way, and soon they were in! Kaleb had a scare of getting his leg stuck in between two branches, which broke his confidence a little. Jake had a scare of getting too high into the tree. Both were having a great time scares and all!

The two before their scares

It is always great to see these two playing together. Kaleb loves his cousin very much and can't seem to stop laughing when they are together.

Jake having a great time

An easier tree, but still a lot of fun!

Soon we were walking back to Cari and Jake's, all tree'd out. From there is was Zucchini Bread, clay and littl Loll Kitty which Cari and Jake are fostering until they find her a home. Kaleb had a great time, and got to hold his first baby kitten! Any day he spends with his cousin in a good day in Kaleb's book. He is glad he has such a great cousin to look out for him, and to play with.

One Happy Little boy

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Uncle Mike said...

Looks like you had a great time! Enjoyed your phone call to the family on Father's Day. I took Pepa to the eye doctor yesterday and she found that his right eye had a detached retina 80% detached. Scheduled surgery at 2 PM yesterday. He came out at 6PM and the doctor is happy with the results but he will have to keep his head pointed down most of the time for the next two weeks.
Patrice, Blaine, Keith and Chrissy left today for Wisconsin and Mema is doing fine.
This blog is a great idea and we all enjoy the pictures very much. Love you all and take care.
Uncle Mike