Sunday, March 1, 2009

This year is flyin!

So unfortunately I have been unable to "blog" as much as I would like to since Kaleb has become a computer Nazi and will not let anyone else play... I am currently trying to write this while he is perched on my lap as that is the only way I can play on the computer. :)

We have had an extremely busy beginning of the year. Starting with Kaleb losing teeth left and right! He is very non-chalant about it too. While playing with Yaya and Papa one day, he took out a loose tooth and threw it on the ground. When Yaya asked him to show Jake his tooth, he pointed over towards the sofa and said, "I threw it over there." Thankfully mom was able to find the tooth, and the toothfairy completed her mission.
Kaleb being silly after his 3rd tooth came out

Just another cute photo

We were fortunate to get out to the beach in early January (it is still strange to say that) when the weather was too beautiful to pass up. With some friends we headed to a secluded beach Stef and I found during out much maligned camping trip. A quick stop by the Cowgirl Creamery for yummy cheese, bread and meat, and our picnic was complete. Thankfully Kaleb has two friends to play with Megan and Izzy.
Our Family Rock

Trouble always comes in threes

It seems that everywhere around us, we are surrounded by babies. I have 3 friends that recently had a lil one, and then my brother did as well. It has been fun as my friends have been coming to me for advise, and I can't believe how much I remember, and how much works! It feels good to be useful. Below is a photo of my friend Josh's son Declan at a recent get together. This kid is soooo cute, and is the sweetest little boy since Kaleb! ;)

Yes, I did give him celery...

Today was an especially great day for Kaleb, as we met up with Uncle Ken and Jakob for some bowling and good times! A great time was had by all, although I believe I pulled a butt muscle... don't ask.
Kaleb being "cool"

Kaleb throwin one down the lane

Jake's turn!


(I do apologize for the red-eyes as I have not had time to edit the photos due to his highness.)

It has been a strange year as it seems that my family history is repeating itself, which leads me to be sad sometimes when I think too much about it. Thankfully I have two wonderful men to focus on and a great support system of friends to step in when necessary. Family is very important to Stefan and myself and we are greatful for all that we have. I wish everyone could be as happy as we are to have such a great family.
Thank you to all for being there for us, and we hope you all know we are here for you should you need us too.


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL PHOTOS! I can't get over how big Kaleb looks...has he grown a foot since we last visited, he looks so tall. I miss you guys so much. I hope you still are planning to come for Keith and Chrissy's reception May 2nd. Love to all-Mom #2

erineprosser said...

I love Kaleb's "party fingers"!

The Matulich Family said...

I am just glad that Kaleb isn't the only one that gets crazy hair!

Kaleb is growin like a beanpole! Stef and I had to run out and buy him a new pair of jeans when we realized that his pants were becomming a bit "flooded" We are hopin to get through the rest of this winter with the 1 pair of decently fitting pants... :)