Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holidays and Lazy Days

So it has been a quick December followed by what seems to be an even quicker January! Kaleb has discovered that vacations from school rock, and believes that as long as there is no school, then he may stay up until 11 or 12!

To catch up, Christmas was wonderful this year! Kaleb was so supremely excited, which just made it all the more awesome. With plenty of Polar Express watched, he was ready to see if Santa would come to his house.
Christmas Eve was our traditional night at Yaya and Papa's house. The boys were in true form, and who knew that the gift of the night would come from Dave and Erin's dog Grifter. It seems that he saved his bones and bought the two Nerf guns. Thanks Grifter!

Of course this was also Kaya's first Christmas, and boy is she the cutest little girl in the whole world! Here is a sweet photo of ladybug and mama, right after I attempted to hold her where she pooped and started crying. Great job auntie Beth!

Next up Christmas morning...
I believe I was the first to wake up. Kaleb exhausted from a long night of Nerf guns at Yaya's, was a bit grouchy at first. Until he noticed the cookies. Where had his gingerbread men gone?? With a little prodding, he noticed that his stocking had stuff in it, and dove in. Joy of all Joys, Santa had brought him him Wall-E and Eve electic toothbrush! Just the thing he would need after eating all the candy that also seemed to be in his "sock."
Next up were presents things started off a bit slow. Sleepiness was still waying heavy on the little one. The gift that brought the Christmas into our little one, what could it be....

Wall-E jammas! Which kicked off his impersonation of the Polar Express Christmas ghost going "ho ho ho!"

Since Mama got a new camera for Christmas, soon after gifts were open, Kaleb was in the mood for pictures.. Here are a couple of my favorites..
Kaleb and his Christmas tree

My boys!

We had a wonderful Christmas Dinner where Kenny, Mom and Dad came over for Prime Rib, and good times! We don't often have company at our house, other than Uncle Alan, so it is always a happy day when people come for a visit. Kaleb especially loves having people over his house, especially his Uncle Kenny who he watched Wall-E with and then they drew some funny pictures together. Kaleb was in absolute heaven.

Next up, New Years...
We were on our way to a simple stay-at-home-be-in-bed-by-10 night, where I decided to call David and Erin, and invite a get together for the night. After all Stef has been dying to play Rock Star, and since Dave has the systems, it was perfect! Soon a plan was hatched and we were soon embarking on Yaya and Papa's once again for some pizza and video games. While I had been hoping to try out the wii as I desperately want one, Dave brought Rock Band for XBox 360, and soon the two were rocking in Dave's band "Fartdog."
Here the twins are rockin it

Kenny and I took turns providing vocals on the songs, and a great night was had by all. Kaya found out that Auntie Beth's dancing makes her laugh, and we all found out that the music world was saved by Kenny never venturing far from the clarinet! :)
Midnight came fast, and Kaleb got to bank pots and pan in the yard and yell, which he thought was cool, and then we were headed back home... A new year has come.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha..that last picture is great. That's what Stefan gets for allowing you to post what you want. Thanks for the updates and pics. Looks like you all had a great time. Miss you wots! Mom #2

erineprosser said...

Kaya can't wait until she can get into the mix with the NERD weapons! Those boys are in for it...