Sunday, April 6, 2008

Get to the blogging already...

After much hem and haw, I decided to join my fellow millenniums and create this here BLOG. With the busy world of work and child, I found it most difficult to keep in touch with family, friends and colleges. Hopefully, this will allow me to chronicle our day to day adventures and keep you all posted on all that is happening in our lives.
This week was rather boring with not a whole lot to report except for the first fruits of our garden. My favorite French Breakfast radishes were picked early Saturday morning and complimented some prosciutto wrapped asparagus, picholine olives and homemade aioli. This was a platter that accompanied Beth and I to a little shin dig at a friend’s house on Saturday night. Kaleb got to spend the night with Ya-Ya and Papa, which he thoroughly enjoyed – and we got a little well needed R&R.
Like I said, not much to report so in closing, here is a recent picture of Kaleb to brighten your day!

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patrice clement said...

Love the blog..great way to keep us up on what's happn'n. Way love the pics