Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our lil artist

So the year has been flying by and Kaleb is doing phenomenally! He is reading most simple words and even starting to figure out a few on his own! He has been making us more and more proud with each passing day!

So with the end of the school year fast approaching, we were informed that of Kaleb's little after school program, some of their artwork had been chosen to hand in the City Hall, and the "artists" who were chosen would be getting a little award from the mayor!

So we started out that our Yaya and Pops would come with us to help celebrate Kalebs award, but soon we were happily joined by Uncle Ken and Jake. First was a trip to Taylors for a special dinner for our boy.

Two silly boys

Two cute boys

Taylors is always a treat, but it was so much nicer to have Cousin Jake and Uncle Ken there to help us along. I could tell how happy and excited he was to show off for his uncle and cousin. Kaleb loves his Uncle Ken and thinks he is silly, and as for his cousin Jake, I believe Kaleb thinks he is just the bestest guy in the world. If he had his way I think he would see him just about every day if he could. It is amazing to see these two together.

Next up was City Hall.. A local framing company framed all the kids artwork that was proudly displayed. Kaleb showed off his finger painting talents for this exhibit:
Kaleb and daddy below his picture.

Cousin Love

With so many people inside City Hall, it was pretty hot, so we ventured outside until the ceremony began. Below is a photo of Yaya and her boys...

Action shot

With all the excitment of having so much attention, once it came time for the awards, Kaleb got a bit of cold feet, and wanted Daddy to bring him up to the Mayor.

Kaleb later told his teacher that he didn't want to talk to the mayor today, and that he would only talk to her on Friday. I think we may have a future politico on our hands... :)

I just want to thank Ken, and Jake for helping to share this day with us. You do not understand how much that meant. Not only Kaleb, but to me. Thank you all so much!

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Anonymous said...

Love the artwork! Since they've already framed it you will have to hang it in a prominent place at home. Glad to see he has the creative gene. Be sure to tell him how proud we are of him. Love to all-Mom #2