Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pebble Beach

So this past weekend Stefan was presented with the opportunity to attend the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival to represent Bounty Hunter. Naturally I tagged along.

After stowing Kaleb away at Yaya and Papa's Stef and I made our journey to the beauty known as Carmel. To be honest, I have never been to Carmel, and I now know where I would like to retire. It is the most beautiful town I have ever been in!

The beaches are clean with fine white sand and the water is the most brilliant blue I have ever seen. We arrived in town early on Saturday and awaited our contacts to get into the event.

Since the event was held at Pebble Beach Golf Club, Stefan and I were oooohing and aahhhing as we passed some of the most famous holes in golf as we made an oath to one day afford to play there.

Once at the ginormous tent that was the Food and Wine Festival, I was left to my devices while Stefan worked. :)

In the booth next to us was Iron Chef Morimoto! It was amazing to see him work, and while I HATE fish, I had to eat what he had prepared just so that I could brag that I ate something he made. Unfortunately it was fish, and it tasted like fish. Stefan claimed that the fish tasted like butter, which now has me questioning Stefan's taste buds... I am a butter freak, and that was no where near butter... But, at least I ate it!!!

We apologize for the darkness...

Next up, who should wander in front of our booth but Chef Eric Ripert. Since he was standing alone and looking bored, I made Stef take a picture of me with him!
Doesn't he look thrilled to take a picture with me???

So I wandered around a bit and was looking forward to seeing Stefan Richter and Jamie from last season's Top Chef. Stefan was Stef and I's favorite, and I SO wanted to meet him......
To make a long story short, I am a complete idiot. While wandering the tent, who comes along but Stefan and Jamie. Suddently Stefan grabs my arm and says "YOU!" to which I said, "YOU!" He then went on to say "I know you!" to which I answered, "No, I watched you on TV!" He then clued me in to the fact that we actually WORKED together at one point in Yountville. Boy am I dumb. I am still only getting flashes in my mind of him from when we worked together, but sure am glad I made a lasting impression! WOO HOO me!

My other Stefan!

The day was looooong and I deserately wanted to meet Tom Colicchio (?) who was there on injured leg and kinda keeping to himself. So I made friends with his assistant, and in no time.... Voila!

Me and Tom!

Two days of walking around in horrid heals I believe I have broken both my feet, but boy was it worth it! Eating some of the best food and drinking some of the best wine in the world.... Who could ask for anything more?

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