Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This one's for your Erin!

Life has been pretty laid back for the last couple of weeks which has been a welcome change to the Matulich household.

Other than our beautiful new addition to our family, of Baby Kaya Paige Prosser to my brother and his wife, we have done our best to be as lazy as we can be on the weekends. Lounge around, play games, watch movies... its been great! (Although all I want to do is hang around my brother and his wife and their beautiful baby girl, I am trying to restrain myself so as I somewhat remember what it was like when K was that young. However I don't know how long I can last...)

Stefan and Kaleb playin Leapster

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, Kaleb was coming up on having 3 days off, so Stef and I took the days off to have some quality time. We were thinking of what to do for Thanksgiving, when it hit us... Let's go to Disneyland!!!
For our birthdays, Mom #2 gave us 2 day hopper passes that we needed to use by January 5th, so we invited ourselves to Fresno for Thanksgiving (Thanks Patrice!), and will head down to Anaheim the next day! Stefan got us a room at the Anabella Hotel, close to Disneyland, and we are all set!

Of course the nice weather we have been experiencing is all about to change just about the time we are there (Showers are expected), we are powering through. Nothing some umbrellas, and warm clothes can't handle! I am soooo excited!!!

So to sum up, were lazy, have a beautiful new niece/cousin, and will be going to Disneyland next weekend.

I hope this post will suffice for now Erin! I'll write more when we get back from Disneyland, and I promise to bring my camera, load it with working batteries, and actually take pictures... Although it would be better if David could just follow us around cause he takes better pictures than I do, but hopefully soon we can all take a Disneyland trip!!!


erineprosser said...

yes, now I am satisfied...for awhile!

The Matulich Family said...

Now its your turn!

Anonymous said...

nice bedhead Stefan! Can't wait till Thanksgiving. Our last trip to Disneyland it rained too...didn't put a damper on anything! You'll have a great time, but Kaleb might not want to leave! Love to all-Mom#2

David Prosser said...

You are welcome anytime to come and hold Kaya for two, three, or four hours!
Rain cannot ruin chicken sticks so you should be fine. Please remember to eat chicken sticks (At least 5 or six) and throw a corndog in for good measure. Kaleb is going to have a blast! Have fun guys!