Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Big Boy

So in a flash our little baby is now a big boy. This past Monday, Kaleb turned 5. I am still in shock over how fast the last 5 years have gone by. It seems like we are travelling at light speed right now with the progress Kaleb is making. He is flourishing at school, talking like a champ, and just having a great time being a boy.

One really cool thing about school is Kaleb is learning the Pledge of Allegiance. He is so proud of the America Flag(as he calls it) and every time he sees one, he tells me and daddy to place our hand on our heart and say the Pledge of Allegiance. He does not have it all down yet, but it is so good to hear his little voice trying to get it right, along with how proud he is to see the flag.

Kaleb and his America Flag

With Halloween fast approaching, we had made various trips to Target and various Halloween shops looking for an outfit. Everything we saw Kaleb just said "no." A tip from my sister led me to Pottery Barn Kids. With Kaleb sitting besides me, I pulled up the website and in an instant Kaleb saw his costume...Hot Dog. Yes, our son is going to be a weiner with all the trimmings this year. With the help of Uncle David and Aunt Erin, Kaleb now has a Fancy Ketchup Candy Bag. I can't wait for Halloween!!

Kaleb in full weiner mode

On another note, earlier this evening the tooth fairy has come for a visit to the Matulich Household! Kaleb lost his first tooth! After the last few weeks of wondering and worrying,as he new tooth has already been coming in and is crooked, (I have been informed that now that it has room to move in, it should start to straighten out), this afternoon at his After School Adventures his tooth finally let go of his gums.
The leader of the group told me Kaleb was getting ready to go down the slide, stopped, turned to another leader, handed him his tooth and simply stated "Hold this." From what they said he was so non-chalant about it, which I am not surprised since he has been telling me for weeks that we don't need to pull at it as "it will fall out automatically."

Kaleb's New Smile

Kaleb's Birthday has brought him a new Leapster hand held video game from Mommy and Daddy, which Kaleb is LOVING! So far he only has a Wall-E game, and some games that are built into the system, but he loves showing us his games, and playing them with us. He is so eager to understand and catches on so quickly it is amazing to witness.

Until the next post here is Kaleb sitting on the striped pig at the local pumpkin patch.


David Prosser said...

Love the no tooth grin! Funny today on Yo Gabba Gabba the whole episode was about losing your baby teeth and the tooth fairy. Thank you for the large pictures and the eclairs!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Kaleb! We all here in Fresno enjoyed your visit earlier this month. Looking forward to the next time we meet. Everyone here is doing fine. The Tooth Fairy told me that she would personally visit the Matulich household and reward Kaleb for his tooth. Take care and love from the valley.
Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

That missing tooth grin looks ed-zackery like Stefan at that you know just how adorable he is going to be. Yep, that's a Mom talking. So proud of Kaleb and you both. He wouldn't be doing so well or be so happy if it weren't for you two. Everyone on this end sends our love. Looking forward to the next entry in your blog and to your future visits! OOO&XXX Mom #2