Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching Up

So the last three weekends have been pretty busy in the Matulich household... Labor Day weekend found us at the Travis Air Show with Kenny, Jake and Papa. We saw some cool planes, and Kaleb loved the Thunderbirds. It was an extremely looooong day followed by a 2 hour exit off of the air base... Let me just say that the parking lot ride sucked big time...

Kaleb and Jakob by a lil jet.

Kaleb resting in a wheel well.

Labor Day found us with our friends the Waughs at my work Domaine Carneros enjoying some bubbles. Our new assistant winemaker gave Kaleb a bunch of Chardonnay grapes, which Kaleb held as though they were gold the entire day.

Kaleb and his grapes by one of our fountains

Last weekend was Stefan's birthday and he turned the big 3-0! He had a big dinner to go to for his work on his actual birthday so he enjoyed a gastronomic feast that my weak stomach would never have survived had I been allowed to tag along, but he was happy and got his birthday wish. Kaleb and I had a party waiting for him when he got home, complete with balloons, presents, and a cone hat that Kaleb insisted Daddy wear. It was great.

This last weekend, was my birthday, and we spent the day at 6 Flags Marine World thanks to my friend Nisa who works there and floated us free tickets. The day flew by so quickly, but was such a blast! Kaleb was a maniac who was just about everywhere that day! He totally LOVED the dolphins, and was laughing like a madman the entire time. We also fed the giraffes, went through the shark experience about 5times, rode the swings 3 times, the boat 2 times, went through the Thomas traintown, rode the hopping frogs, attempted the little rollercoaster once (once was enough for Kaleb, as he said it goes too fast.), wemt up in the spinning balloons, and played at the playground/treehouse/slide thingy there for close to an hour. Along the way we won a Shark, Barney Rubble, a little lion, and Kaleb got an airbrushed dolphin tattoo. We finally had to drag Kaleb away, as mommy and daddy were tired. Even though he said he wanted to stay and daddy and I could go home, and he would stay there, we got him to the car with no trouble, and we was gone to the world within 5 minutes on our short trip home. It was most probably my best birthday to date.

I am still working on taking more pictures, as I hate bringing my camera everywhere, as is seems that when I do, the batteries die after 1 picture. (As is the case with Marine World). We did buy some batterie by the end of the day, but pretty much all the photo opts were gone for us, and the camera stayed in Stef's pocket...

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Anonymous said...

So glad your birthdays were so special for you both. I wish we could have contributed to your special days, but unfortunately that wasn't possible. So looking forward to your visit this weekend. Pack some warm clothes as I hear it might be on the cool and windy side. Love to all-Mom #2