Sunday, August 3, 2008

Crystal Springs Golf Excursion

Last week, my brother David invited Stef and I to join him and Erin (with baby Molligan) at Crystal Springs Golf Course in San Mateo. Since we have not golfed since our Silverado excusion for my work, we jumped at the chance. Our tee time was early in the morning (9:50ish) and being a little over an hour away, Stefan and I had to be sure to be up extra early to make it to Davids house for the journey.

Seeing as how we would need to be up so early in the morning, a quick phone call to Yaya and Papa, and Kaleb was going to have a sleep over with his two favorite people on Saturday night. Which gave Stefan and I the added bonus of a date night where we actually got to see a movie, in a theater at night!! The movie of choice was "The Dark Knight" which was great except for Batman's lisp.

I was determined to have a decent game, and kept telling myself that it is ok to hit the grass, which is my biggest problem in golf. The day started off great, and while my drives are not exceptionally long, I made up for it on and around the green. I only topped the ball twice (a personal record), and all in all shot a fairly decent game. Stefan kept to the trees (his favorite place) and we decided that we should make a course where the fairways run on either side of the rough, so that he would have a chance at playing on them.

The ninth hole led us to a photo opp like none other. This gazebo is used in many a wedding, and when we happened upon it, it was fresh with rose petals from a wedding the day before. The views were spectacular, and the company amazing!

Needing a bit of rest, and another photo opportunity, the 10th hole offered a bench overlooking the gorgeous Crystal Springs resevoir. As you can see, the fog sat on the hilltops allowing for a wonderful day and great pictures!

Known for its abundant wildlife of deer, kestrels, hawks, and bobcats, we only encountered deer which seemed to follow us from hole to hole. Warning signs of Raptors (mainly hawks) were posted which made us laugh and deem this the sanctuary for the extras from Jurassic Park. However their screeches are quite frightening, and somewhat irritating.

After golf it was a quick trip to Serramonte to the E-Bar for some chicken strips, and a mondo slice of Mud Pie that we all shared. Then off to sit in traffic.

It was a wonderful day, and a great way to end the weekend! Thank you David and Erin for such a great time!

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David Prosser said...

Thank you for going guys. We had a ton of fun (Minus my frustrating suck ass golf). Beth can you re-upload the pictures to your blog but this time where it says picture size choose large. That way we can download the photos in the size you took them in. It will take a little longer to upload but then we can download them. Nice pictures though!