Monday, June 9, 2008


Saturdays for us are pretty low key... Kaleb is happy to not have to be in school, and Stef and I are happy to not have to worry about our work. Most weekends we laze around the house and just chill...

The mornings are usually started with a cup of coffee on the deck complete with lap dog.

Cash is one of the largest lapdogs in North America!

Kaleb (who is a big movie buff) lately has been alternating between Underdog and The Santa Clause 3. He also likes to mix in a little Madagascar and some Meet the Robinsons. If given a chance he will recite short dialog or some of his favorite lines from his movies. If he had his way, he would not get out of his redpants and would watch movies the whole weekend.

This is Kalebs new "Silly Face." He invented it this Friday and has loved showing it to everyone! If you notice that it is slightly blurry, please note that he weaves his head like Stevie Wonder when making said face. I love this kid more than anything I could've ever imagined. Everyday he amazes me more and more.

  • On a side note... After many tests, extra classes, meeting with psychologists, our son is NORMAL! Any thought about K being on the spectrum for Autism has been dashed. Stef and I have worried and wondered ourselves as we heard teachers and even family members mention his differences as autism. Every teacher and therapist who has come in contact with Kaleb has come to the same conclusion that he is one of the most loveable and outstanding children for his age. His language delay, while frustrating, is coming along with a little help, and he more than makes up for his language difficulties with an understanding of letters, and shapes like few others his age.

Our Kitties are another big part of our weekend. They are so happy to have us home that they become our shadows. Boo especially seems to be everywhere we are on the weekends. Sometimes we wonder if there are more than one of him.

Stefans Boo Shaped Dinner Shadow

Kitty being the needy recluse, will hide most of the day, but when she decides that she needs loving.... You had better be ready! She really is one of the most loveable cats, but her inability to sit still can become irritating. Sometimes we wonder if she has ADD.

Mrs. Kitty Kitty

One last picture of my favorite boy as I end this post. It was his first silly face that he made up at a recent birthday party. I love our weekends, even if we don't get out and do a lot most of the time. Just being together, lazing around, watching movies, and lovin our pets, who could ask for a better weekend?

The Coolest kid in the world!


erineprosser said...

Just wait 'til you hit Disneyalnd- that will be the coolest weekend ever!

patrice clement said...

Labels are just that..I never worried about them. Just glad you have been getting him the speach help he needed. You started that a long, long time ago, which was great. There is no denying Kaleb is the most talented, smartest, most adorable grandchild ever..and I'm sure I am not biased at all.

Uncle Mike said...

Congratulations on your Blog. Good to hear from you all and I enjoyed the pictures a lot. We will be celebrating Father's Day tomorrow at my house with a swim party and dinner. Patrice, Blaine, Keith and Chrissey will be leaving Tuesday for Wisconsin to visit Danika and Fred. Mom and Dad are doing well and looking forward to a trip they plan to make in September to Texas for a family re-union. I'm continuing to work in my shop and still have my 10 fingers! Take care and Love you.